FAQ & Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

–Does the calendar include all university events?

Unfortunately, no — at least not yet. It’s our goal to have the calendar include as many university events as possible, but it will take the contributions of the entire LMU community and there are still many departments/organizations on campus that are not using it. However, we’re making a conscious effort to encourage the campus community to do so by getting the word out and offering training sessions. Still, you’ll find many major events, like official Academic deadlines, presidential and dean convocations, and significant campus events and religious services.

–Can anyone contribute events?

In general, yes, anyone at LMU can add events. Usually there are designated users within each department who add events for their area. If there’s currently no one in your area doing so, sign up for access and get started. If you’re part of a student group, please contact mcontreras@lmu.edu

–How can I get my events to show up on my department website?

It’s easy to create a calendar “widget” and add it to your website — although if you’re looking to add it to your homepage, you may need our assistance. Contact your digital media manager for guidance.

–I created an event and it is not showing up with my other department events. Why?

When creating events, make sure to go to the FILTERS section and select your area from the Department dropdown menu. Also, make sure you’ve select Event Type filters, so that calendar visitors have multiple ways of finding your events.

–What if my department isn’t listed in the FILTERS?

Contact your digital media manager and request they add it.


Helpful Tips for Adding Events

— Add ONLY events hosted/sponsored by your department/area
Major events like the President’s Convocation or Mass of the Holy Spirit, for example, will always appear on the university calendar. Adding them to your own department calendar only creates duplicates in the system. Also, avoid adding general university events/deadlines like, “First Day of Classes” or “Last Day to Drop” classes. The Registrar’s Office maintains the official university Academic Calendar, which contains these university-wide milestones. If you’re interested having those dates on your department website, please link to the Office of the Registrar website, or embed the official Academic Calendar on your site (ask your digital media manager for assistance)

— Make sure to add a date, time and location (sounds obvious, but sometimes we forget)

— Photos are not necessary, but events that contain unique photos tend to get more attention

— When you’re finished adding an event, proofread it to make sure there are no factual or  grammatical errors

— Share your events on social media and encourage friends to do the same