LMU Colors and Typography

Below is basic information about official university colors and typography. More detailed information can be found in the LMU Graphic Identity Manual.


Consistent use of typography in text and headlines creates a harmonious appearance across all LMU materials. The BitStream Bodoni, BitStream News Gothic and BitStream Franklin Gothic typefaces complement the LMU visual identity and provide flexibility needed across a wide variety of applications. The bold, light, italic and condensed versions of these fonts may all be used as needed for emphasis and variety.

When Bodoni and News Gothic are not available — as in many PC word processing programs — Times New Roman and Arial are approved substitutes.

  • Bodoni Book (or Times New Roman) is intended primarily for body copy. Bold and italic may also be used when appropriate, such as in subheads and captions.
  • News Gothic (or Arial) is intended primarily for headlines and other key messages.
  • Franklin Gothic may be used for headlines when a heavier weight is needed.

Color Palette

The core visual identity colors used in the LMU logotype, signatures, and wordmarks are LMU Red, LMU Black and LMU Gray.

For consistency in use of the LMU logos, each of these colors is defined by a specific PMS (Pantone matching system) number. If necessary, you can also use the corresponding percentages in the CYMK (cyan/magenta/yellow/black) color system.

For use in digital media and/or web publishing, the HEX values are as follows:  LMU Red (A03033), LMU Blue (003D6B), LMU Gray (63666A) and LMU Black (332B24).

Identity Colors:






The visual identity system also has an extended color palette for the university that includes LMU Blue. This color can be used as a background color for the logos and also featured elsewhere in publications, websites and other materials.

University Colors:






Note: The official identity and university colors complement the crimson and navy blue used in LMU’s Athletics logo program.

Need more information on color use? Refer to pages 16-23 in the LMU Graphic Identity Manual.

You can also call 310.338.7039 or email for assistance.