Services We Provide

Marketing and Communications’ job is to tell Loyola Marymount University’s stories every day with impact. We are responsible for enhancing LMU’s reputation and identity to help the university achieve its goals. We set the course for how LMU presents itself to the public – everything we do is about LMU.  Our areas of expertise and the services we provide include:

Marketing and Brand Management
Marketing, Advertising, Brand Identity and Standards, Templates, Logos, Non-Academic Internal and External Publications, Alumni and Development Communication, Graphic Design

  1. Provide expertise to community members on the integration of written and visual messages as well as the alignment of print and online design.
  2. Create and place advertising (paid or non-paid) including print, online, outdoor and broadcast advertising. This includes tribute ads in programs and books that are given in exchange for a sponsorship.
  3. Produce LMU Magazine (print, online, iPad app, e-distribution).
  4. Design university’s templates for use by colleges, schools and departments to ensure consistency and quality of branding throughout the university.
  5. Manage production, dissemination and/or distribution of high-profile communications projects.
  6. Review online services contracts and manage preferred freelance vendors programs and external talent pool.
  7. Lead university creative projects (web, video, print, mobile apps, social media).
  8. Produce and oversee official stationary and logo packages for use in external communications.
  9. Interface with Campus Graphics to provide visual identity direction.

Public and Media Relations
Public Relations, News Media, Emergency Communications

  1. Oversee all news coverage for and about Loyola Marymount University to increase the visibility of LMU as a nationally recognized Jesuit university.
  2. Act as first point of contact for all print, broadcast and web reporters seeking information about or interviews with LMU administrators, faculty, staff or students.
  3. Manage the faculty experts guide and the LMU Media Line to facilitate media access.
  4. Direct communications during campus emergencies.
  5. Provide media coaching and support for faculty and staff.
  6. Maintain the LMU Newsroom and the Academic Excellence sections of the LMU home page.

Photo and Video
Photography and Video Services, NetPix Gallery

  1. Capture LMU’s official photographs and videos for top-level events and strategic publications.
  2. Administer and support NetPix.
  3. Edit and approve video scripts.

Digital and Social Media
All online publications,, MYLMU, CMS, Web Design, Functionality and Content, Google Search, Analytics, AdWords

  1. Oversee the university’s overall web presence (design, content, functionality, architecture).
  2. Edit and approve online content and systems access.
  3. Administer and support university-wide functional resources and systems (content management system, Analytics, search engine, mobile deployment, Google Search Appliances, MYLMU portal, NetPix, Web server cluster, FTP accounts and other user publishing rights and privileges, etc.)
  4. Promote LMU via social media and explore new platforms to integrate LMU’s official Web presence with more viral forms of communication.
  5. Develop and monitor online and electronic communications policies to ensure the university and community members are compliant with external laws, regulations and general best-practices.

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